Event Calendar

Here is the UPop calendar of events for 2015:


UPop TV Live Tweets:

Love How To Get Away With Murder? Scandal? American Horror Story? WE DO TOO! Join the discussion on Twitter (follow us @Uncanny_Pop) as UPop live tweets the following shows during the Fall/Spring TV Season:



8 PM Gotham


9 PM Sleepy Hallow


live tweet-AHS

10 PM American Horror Story: Freak Show


From http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/ShondaLand
From http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/ShondaLand

It’s Shondaland time!

9 PM Scandal

10 PM How To Get Away With Murder

Special UPop Live Tweet Events:

In addition to the shows, we also have two events for followers to participate in:

Friday: 10 PM UPop Anime Night


UPop Movie Night:
An occasional event where we live tweet a movie.

#UPopMovieNight logoa.jpg

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