So Long My Friends, It’s Been Fun!


After taking a much needed hiatus, I’ve made the decision to shutdown Uncanny Pop. All three of us have been extremely busy in our personal lives as as working on our own projects. While we’re sad to leave, we’ve enjoyed working on this site and appreciate all of you who followed us here on our site, Facebook, Tumblr, Ello, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+.  UPop was created in October 2014 and has grown over the past 2 years.  We also would like to thank the musicians, artists, and more who’ve sent us their awesome projects that we’ve featured here on the site as well as the many people that we interviewed. A big thanks to IDW who supplied us with the books that we gave away during 2014’s Women’s History Month.

Finally if you’re interested in our personal projects please visit the following

World Film Geek



BTR Productions



The Musings of a Blerd



In these trying times, never give up, never surrender! Keep fighting, don’t stop believing! Thank you and we wish you all the best. Who knows, perhaps Uncanny Pop will return in the future. But until then so long my friends, it’s been fun!


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