Nigerian Afro Hip-Hop Artist Yung6ix Drops New Single ‘The Man’

Get your Friday groove on with the latest from Nigerian Afro hip-hop artist Yung6ix. The track’s called ‘The Man’ check it out below:

Yung6ix combines the bravado of Big Sean and Drake with a hustle all his own. Having released his Billionaire Ambitions EP earlier this year, Yung6ix is looking to continue building his empire so keep your eyes peeled and your ears open for what’s coming!

More On Yung6ix:

Yung6ix was born Onome Onokohwomo JULY 8TH in the heartland of Southern Nigeria. Though born to the upper echelons of society, he embraced the streets of Warri, Delta State, and was raised by music. Always a musically gifted mind, Yung6ix picked up the mic at a very young age. Studying the rap skills of the greatest MCs, he created a pattern of flow so uniquely distinct that they can never be replicated. He draws his inspiration from his surrounding, and also from diverse collection of genres. While in high school, and after a series of successful rap battles, Yung6ix hooked up with a duo of like minded artists, and a rap group “G-squad” was formed. The group went on to win a plethora of talent shows in and around southern Nigeria while garnering an ever increasing fan base.  After high school he directed his talents into pursuing a solo career and has recorded over 100 SONGS, not including numerous features, that got him Recognition and the acronym “King of the South”.

Yung6ix Online:


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