Olivia Debuts “Skyline” Official Video and Remix

Back in July, Uncanny Pop featured Olivia’s music video “Outshine the Stars,” and now she’s just debuted a new video for her new track “Skyline”. In the video, the singer brings adventure to life by infusing a timeless energy and uplifting spirit into the cinematic take on a track all about discovery. The video is a visual look at the power of dreams and determination, as Olivia leaves behind everything she’s ever known, and lands right in the heart of skyscrapers and opportunity. Whether she’s wandering the shoreline or looking at the view from a hotel window, every scene is inspired by the everlasting hopeful exuberance sprinkled throughout the single. It’s bound to make you pack your bags in search of your next great adventure.

Olivia had this to say about the video: “I wanted to capture what it’s like to take a leap of faith and leave something you’ve always known to find what else is out in the world.”

Check out Olivia’s inspiring music video for “Skyline” below.

In addition to the awesome new vid, a remix of the song by MadLucky was also released. Check it out below:

Visit Olivia’s website and show her some love!


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