Electro/Hip-Hop Infused Duo, PISS-OFF Tackles Race, Sexuality and Gender Expression with New Video

We’ve featured the electro/hip-hop infused duo PISS-OFF before and loved their unique songs and videos, so when we heard they had a new video that tackles race, sexuality, and gender expression, we were more than thrilled to feature it!

The new video takes place over the course of two songs and is titled “Juke Jack Jerk What!/Boi Yeah Boi No” read the description below:

The new video tackles desire, race, sexuality, kinks, gender, expression and our modern culture; all against a dazzling Brooklyn landscape.

Hailing from Brooklyn, the duo released their debut album this past December and are now gearing up to release an EP of remixes of songs from that album. They’ve previously dropped a new video from the EP called “B.I.C.A/Cyberfrog,” which “features a dazzling array of images shot in Brooklyn. In support of their video release PISS-OFF! will be playing many shows around New York City and touring this fall.


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