Pop-Punk Collective Dreams of Vertigo Copes with Suicide on Latest Video/Track ​​”(Un)Easy Goodbye”

Pop-punk rockers Dreams of Vertigo recently released a new track and accompanying video called “(Un)Easy Goodbye.” The song’s off the forthcoming album 

Reject University, Pt. 2: From Six 2 Midnight, due out October 14, 2016.  In an email, the band discusses the meaning of their latest single: 
An “(Un)Easy Goodbye” was prompted when vocalist Doug Ferguson saw a man high up on a Freeway sign, ready to jump. Police vehicles were pulled up in a circle around the structure, trying to convince the man to not end it all. Moved by that, Ferguson wrote this song, which deals with issues of depression and suicide.
Listen to the track below:

Watch the music video for the track:

Already making an impression on the Orange County, CA scene, Dreams of Vertigo are known for show-stopping performances and for being influential advocates of the anti-pay-to-play movement in the Orange County music scene. Their sophomore EP, Reject University Part One: Freshman 15, was distributed throughSony and featured the single “Head vs. Heart,” a collaboration with Mike Herrera of MxPx, which debuted  in the top 100 on Amazon.com. Drawing musical and lifestyle influences from NOFX, Green Day, Blink 182, Sum 41, Unwritten Law and Mest, DOV identify most with artists who accomplish goals on their own terms.

Follow them at their social media sites:





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