Free Download: Romance & Rebellion’s “Vanity Fair”

Here’s some free music from the Los Angeles band Romance and Rebellion! The track’s called “Vanity Fair” and it’s available now for a limited time as a free download. The song’s off the band’s self-titled EP. The band describes “Vanity Fair” as a “glistening pop rock ear candy with a gritty grunge core.” Here’s more from the description:

Romance & Rebellion return with powerhouse poster girl anthem, “Vanity Fair”. Cherry coke, tan lines and knee highs; Nostalgic remembrances paint a picture perfect depiction of youthful infatuation delivered in candy coated pop rock . Wrapped in wistful reminiscent ideals, they praise the eye of their affection with slamming power pop beats and a retro 1960’s rock motif that’s highly addictive. Soaring vocals fly across layers of pitch perfect harmonies that collide in an excited giddy guitar-pop bounce of a chorus. Check out Romance & Rebellion’s hooky new single, “Vanity Fair,” out now!

Check it out below:

Visit the band’s website and Facebook page.



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