Album Review: Deep house/Producer Duo B3D’s Reimagined

album review
B3D recently released a new EP titled Reimagined. The album’s comprised entirely of cover songs and the deep house/producer duo definitely deliver with their takes on these popular hits. You can listen to the entire EP here, and here are two of my favorites from the EP:
The track “Ain’t No Sunshine” was previously featured here on Uncanny Pop back in April and it’s still a favorite of mine off the EP. The smooth flow and tempo of the vocals and music capture the emotion of the classic while still standing on it’s own legs and not being an exact replica of the original.
Suzanne Vega’s Tom’s Diner is a fave song of mine from the 80s and while the 90s DNA remix is awesome, I really love B3D’s remix of it. It’s upbeat and definitely can get listeners dancing.
Overall B3D definitely remimagines each song in a creative and unique way while still maintaining the voice and soul of the original versions of each track. And I expected nothing less especially since B3D duo Bruno Sutter and Deborah Robb have worked with some of the best artists in the music biz: Beyonce, Kanye West and Justin Bieber.  With their experiences in the studio and their classical training, B3D has crafted stunning adaptations of yesterday’s classics.
To hear more, visit the duo’s social media pages.

5/5 Stars



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