Retro Pop Singer/Songwriter Lesley Barth Reveals Free-Spirited Video for “Just Like Summer”

NEW YORK, NY – July 11, 2016 – Armed with a creative spirit and vocal harmonies for days, Lesley Barth is making the most of her summer. While wrapping up her first full-length album, which was crowd-funded by her dedicated legion of fans, the entrancing artist is once again showcasing her knack for catchy tunes and brilliant DIY visuals for her new tune “Just Like Summer.”

In terms of the story behind the song, I had a little melody of “I love you just like summer” that popped into my head a few months ago.  This idea of wanting someone as badly as you want summer felt like a strong lyrical idea to explore, and the chorus fell quickly into place, with verses following afterwards,” notes Lesley. “This is definitely the grooviest tune I’ve made so far, and it was unbelievably fun to record.”

Today, Lesley is working with Pancakes and Whiskey to share this incredibly charming video that incorporates sunshine, disco vibes, and the spontaneous fun of New York City. She had a plan in place for filming this video, but the unexpected extras are what make the whole thing truly extraordinary. “Once we got to Central Park, other people quickly took notice of the shoot. We had tourists from all around the world join in, as well as plenty of born-and-raised New Yorkers. Because of the self-selective nature of people joining us (almost everyone approached us, curious about what we were doing and the music we were playing), everyone who we had join was really fun and open, and game for things like learning choreography and dancing on the fly.” This personifies the best parts of Lesley’s beloved NYC as well as the ideal open-minded atmosphere created by her music. Watch the video below and get ready for the full album, titled Green Hearts, due out this fall.

Lesley Barth Online:


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