Synth-pop Duo Mount Zion Release New Song, “I|L|Y”

Synth-pop duo, Mount Zion, recently released a new song  “I|L|Y”, that first premiered on PopDust. The single is the first track off their upcoming EP, slated for release August 2016. Mount Zion takes a brutally honest approach to their writing and production, emphasizing simplicity and authenticity.

Mount Zion1
Mount Zion comprises duo Joshua Catalan (vocals, keys, percussion, guitar) and Cole Ossenmacher (keys percussion), who met during their freshman year at college. While the band draws from acts like The 1975 and Broods, the duo is equally inspired by their time spent in the church and at Christian summer programs. According to Mount Zion, this background allows for them to call themselves out and hold themselves accountable, in their genuine, introspective approach to music making.

The duo provides a lyrical wisdom to their music, something often missing in today’s electronic landscape, which they cite as a reflection of their time spent in church from the inside. Still, Mount Zion commits to making music “ultra simple at the core” that is relatable to both religious and secular audiences. Take a listen to “I|L|Y” and stay tuned for more from Mount Zion!




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