Indie-Electronic Producer, The Hand That Wields It Drops His Latest Single “Receive Much”

As your Tuesday continues, here’s some new music from indie-electronic producer, The Hand That Wields It.  The track’s called “Receive Much” and it’s off his upcoming EP that’s dropping at the end of this month. Listen to it below:


The Hand That Wields It is New York native Brian Byrne, who started in mid-2015 to explore his own voice as an artist and producer. With the dissolution of his previous rock band Envy On The Coast in 2010, Byrne has spent the ensuing years re-inventing himself with a more nuanced and layered sound. He’s also switched gears by focusing his attention on production and engineering for this project, doing so with minimal gear out of his Huntington, NY homestead. With his previous band reaching almost 500,000 views on YouTube, having various features in AP Magazine, and twice landing the cover of Newsday’s PT. 2,  Byrne decided 2016 was the perfect time to debut his songwriting and production skills for The Hand That Wields It. The songwriter pulls from eclectic electronic elements and weaves them into his ethereal alternative-folk soundscapes.

Want to learn more about this artist? Then visit his SoundCloud / Facebook / Instagram pages.


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