Album Release: TRAEDONYA! Releases Debut EP The 4 Portraits

Prohibition Entertainment is excited to announce TRAEDONYA aka The Bride of New
Funk Hipopera new debut Ep The 4 Portraits. The lead single is called My Favourite
Guy based on iconic New York Yankee shortstop Derek Jeter. This is TRAEDONYA’S!
first retail release in five years.
The Portrait My Favourite Guy was motivated by the fact Derek Jeter was part of
the New York City landscape for 20 years. He became part of everyone’s life says
Prohibition Entertainment’s A.K Smith-Ford. The portrait was written by
TRAEDONYA! and A.K Smith-Ford. The other portraits are Kareem Abdul Jabbar,
Pele and Jim Brown with a bonus portrait. in the retail package.
As part of the campaign TRAEDONYA! will discuss her #signaturevocals
narrative. In a time where a vocalist are being pushed aside in the musical
landscape I decided to start a series of discussions via social media says
TRAEDONYA!. So stay tuned via Twitter.
Follow TRAEDONYA! at the following social media sites:


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