Pop-Soul Artist, Peter Wise Premieres New Single “Sweet Solitude”

The weekend soldiers on with this new single from Brooklyn-based pop-soul artist Peter Wise called “Sweet Solitude”.  The track premiered exclusively on the blog Surviving The Golden Age on Tuesday, and is the first track from Wise’s forthcoming EP, slated for release this Fall.  Listen to it below:

Wise spoke about “Sweet Solitude” with the blog and had this to say:

“‘Sweet Solitude’ is a song about the desperation at the end of a relationship, when you know a relationship has run its course but you are holding on to what was. I really tried to draw on great soul singers like Ray Charles and Marvin Gaye to create a gospel inspired sound and longing mixed with desire. Artists like the aforementioned, D’Angelo, Prince, and Miguel are big inspirations for this record. It’s really a song about facing reality, coming to terms with finality, in whatever form that takes.”

Originally hailing from Boston, Wise now resides in Brooklyn, NY where he writes, records and produces all of his music. In 2012 and 2013, he released his debut EP and LP and spent the following years perfecting his sound. Wise’s most recent release “On The Ground” has been featured on notable outlets including The EDM Network, Acid Stag, I Heart Moosiq, and Oblivious Pop. I Heart Moosiq praises Wise for his “balance between soothing electronic atmosphere and acoustic, soulful pop music”. Sharing the stage with the likes of The Eagles, Green River Ordinance and Luke Wade in addition to collaborating with such acts as Chicago and Mali Music, Wise continues to work around the country.

Next month, fans can see Wise perform at Rockwood Music Hall – Stage 2 on July 19th at 9pm. For more information, please visit Peter Wise’s website and check out his social media pages: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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