Indie Pop Artist Gonzalla Premieres Latest Single “We Still Run”

The weekend hits keep on coming with this new single from Los Angeles native indie pop artist Gonzalla. The track’s called “We Still Run” and it’s a breath of fresh air!

The artist premiered the song on The Huffington Post and had this to say:

“I wrote ‘We Still Run’ about a year ago in England on my $4 Farfisa organ in my previous apartment. It was quite a simple song really, It came together quite naturally because I wrote it with such a distinct message to tell. To me the lyrics are some of the most meaningful I’ve ever written. One of my good friends was going through a hard time and was in and out of the hospital quite a lot which conflicted her happiness as you can imagine. I wanted to help her through it and show her it’s not over till It’s over in a way. It’s one I’m very proud of and I hope it can help other people through hard times as well. It was great fun recording it as well, I was lucky enough to record it with Turin Breaks who are fantastic. It’s been one of my best songwriting & recording experiences so far.”

Wanna hear more from this artist? Visit Gonzalla’s Website   and his social media sites: Facebook // Twitter// Soundcloud // Spotify  // Instagram 



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