#NoBillNoBreak Trends On Twitter As House Democrats Stage Gun Control Vote Sit-Im

House Democrats are currently staging a sit-in to force a vote on gun control. According to House Democrats and C-Span House Republicans cut off C-Span cameras as to prevent footage of the sit-in from being aired though they forgot the power of social media so word got out anyway. Many of the House Democrats are live streaming the sit-in via Periscope or through their social media accounts.

The sit-in comes after several House Democrats spoke and urged their colleagues to do their jobs-see the video above.  According to the Huffington Post reports, the sit-in had been planned for days and more actions might be planned as well.  In addition the report states that Senate Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi planned the “No Bill, No Break” tagline, which hasbeen chanted by representatives in the House Chambers and has become a now trending Twitter hashtag, along with Reps. Steve Israel (D-NY) and Mike Thompson (D-CA):

At a caucus meeting on Wednesday morning, Pelosi told members that a “great deal of planning is in the works” for the next few days and encouraged them to remain united in trying to force a vote. According to an aide who was present, she said she empathized with the desire of many lawmakers to show their constituents that they were not content with inaction.

“Many of you have said that we cannot have another moment of silence without action to follow. These moments of silence have almost become a moment of denial because it’s a denial of what we need to do,” Pelosi told members. “We have to turn it into a moment of truth and actions — where we go from here.”

In addition to the Lewis-led sit-in, aides said to expect lawmakers to file repeated motions to adjourn and parliamentary inquiries demanding votes. Pelosi will also lead a press event on Wednesday calling on Ryan to keep the House in session until they vote on the two gun-related bills.

For updates on the sit-in, check out The Slot  or view House Democrats’ social media accounts.



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