Indie Artist Spotlight: Trip-Hop Group Rvby My Dear

Today the spotlight falls on the Brooklyn-based trip-hop group Rvby My Dear.  The six-piece band formed in 2012 after meeting at The New School for Jazz in New York. The band features: Gabbi Coenen (vocals), Darren Denman (keys/piano), Oscar Rodriguez (guitar), Jono Stewart (bass), Abel Tabares (drums), and Prawit Siriwat (guitar). Much like Alina Baraz, Marian Hill, and Telepopmusik, the group brings a dreamy down-tempo vibe while incorporating their own jazz twist.

Earlier this month on June 3rd, the band released their latest EP, Unravel.  The track “Animal” premiered on at the end of May, you can listen to it below:

In discussing the EP with BreatheHeavy, Rvby My Dear vocalist Gabbi Coenen had this to say:

“The songs on this EP are about a feeling of coming apart, being vulnerable and surrendering to it instead of pushing it away – whether that’s in a relationship with someone, (Animal) or within yourself. Lyrically I was trying to play with some more abstract ideas, taking reference from a variety of literary sources – The Odyssey, Hannibal (the TV series), Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland. Musically these might be the most densely arranged we have, and like all our songs so far they were honed through the live set over a couple of years.”
Liked what you heard? Follow Rvby My Dear’s social media pages:

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