Uncanny Pop’s New Logo Celebrating National LGBT Pride Month Debuts!

The month of June is National LGBT Pride Month and to celebrate, we here at Uncanny Pop have a new logo. Check it out below:

rainbow logorainbow gif

As you can see, the can is awash in rainbow colors, plus it comes in gif form! This logo update is courtesy UPop co-creator and editor Britt who has designed all of the Uncanny Pop logos.  You’ll see the new logo on all of our social media pages and the website.  For more info on National LGBT Pride Month, check out this infographic we made.

There’s only three of us to regularly post and we appreciate all of the contributors who have posted here. We hope to continue and we love to hear feedback from our readers. Please let us know what you like and don’t like and we’ll do our best to make this site the best that it can be. We also want to take this opportunity and thank all of our followers and readers! Uncanny Pop is still a young pop culture site as we’ve only been around since October 2014 and we appreciate all of the support that we’ve received. We hope to continue to provide our readers with new content and the latest articles focusing on the underground and mainstream sides of pop culture.

Until then enjoy the weekend and have an excellent day!


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