Olive Tiger Releases New Single “Dark”

Here’s a new track to celebrate the short work week, it comes from the indie folk-tronic trio Olive Tiger. The track’s called “Dark” and its off the band’s upcoming album Until My Body Breaks, which is expected to drop this summer.  You can listen to the single over at GroundSounds and here’s what the New Haven based group had to say about their latest track:

“‘Dark” is an exultation of all the twinkly serendipity and impossible beauty of the late-night hours between 1am-5am, when everything is bursting open and simultaneously subdued in a quiet riot and the mind shifts to accommodate possibility and magic. As a musician, these hours are precious to me and represent a connection to another sphere, like an alternate reality, in which creativity flows and my muse is never far. But the song is also about experiencing the abrupt juxtaposition between that world and the morning, when the bustle of “normal” life resumes and the connection dissipates.”

Olive Tiger’s track “Find Myself” was featured here on Uncanny Pop earlier this month, listen to it below:

As they prepare for the release of their album, fans can catch the band live in the Brooklyn and Connecticut areas. They also have an upcoming show at The Way Station in Brooklyn on June 11th. For more information about Olive Tiger, visit the band’s social media pages.






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