Brooklyn-Based Band Butcher Knives Drop New Music Video “American Dream”

Check out this new music video from the Brooklyn-based gypsybilly band Butcher Knives.

“American Dream” is a commentary on the dissonance between the ideals that are sold to us by the media, the reality of living in America as an immigrant and America’s cultural perception and systemic treatment of its immigrants. Directed and edited by Butcher Knives’ frontman, Nacho Segura, the video is a mixture of footage of Butcher Knives performing, interviews of immigrants and clips from newscasts. The band are a multilingual whirlwind of international musical and cultural movements, anchored to a high-octane punk rock aesthetic. With roots in Morocco, Israel, Colombia, New York and New Orleans, Butcher Knives truly embody their multi-lingual, diverse and multi-cultural sound and message with their album, Misery.

“Butcher Knives’ sound is irresistible with the swirling accordions, the blend of cultures and the raw, passionate energy of the music.” (PopMatters)

Want to hear more from the band? Visit Butcher Knives’ website and check out their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.


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