“Rush Hour” Recap – May 12, 2016 (Warning: Spoilers)


Lee (Jon Foo) and Carter (Justin Hires) try to solve a mystery involving a motorcycle gang and a robbery of an armored truck in last night’s episode of Rush Hour.

As with all episode recaps, there are spoilers. If you would rather wait to see the episode, do not read below. Rush Hour is on Thursdays at 10:00PM on CBS.

Episode 7 – Badass Cop

A traffic jam on the streets of L.A. is annoying Carter. A trio of motorcyclists cause a traffic accident as they speed past the traffic. They eye an armored truck, in which one cyclist is waiting in front of the truck. Feigning an accident, the cyclist slides his bike under the armored car and blows it up with a detonator. Lee and Carter get out of the car and go on foot to see the area where the armored truck exploded.

Meanwhile, the trio have robbed the armored truck and knocked out the guards. Lee catches up and uses his quick skills to take them down while Carter points his gun to the leader, who makes his escape with his men. Lee and Carter have learned nothing has been stolen and the duo are praised for their efforts. Lee tells the media that they have achieved nothing and the investigation is just beginning.

Carter is annoyed with Lee’s statement, but Lee said when he caught up to the goons, the robbers were already in the truck. Lee suspects that the motorcycle gang may be planning to use the truck as bait to possibly join the Kwan Tao, the notorious gang Lee’s undercover sister Kim is infiltrating. Carter thinks it will be a dead end, but even Diaz is impressed that Carter is actually caring about someone else. Lee thinks the guard in the back may be involved, but all signs to point to nothing. Diaz gives Carter the VIN to the bike that exploded and it was revealed it was stolen along with five other bikes. The duo get to the bike shop and Lee sees something so he makes his up above ground to prove that the thieves were also above ground.

Diaz gets the intel that the robbers may not be Kwan Tao, but rather a Ukrainian gang who are skilled in motorcycles and the armored truck happens to pass their territory. Meanwhile, Lee goes through flashbacks of his sister Kim and knowing her involvement with Kwan Tao. Lee noticed something on a viral video of the bust. He noticed that one of the backpacks was empty when they first passed him, but was full upon leaving. Something that was not money was in that armored truck and the robbers have it.

Gerald stops by and he happens to know the owner of Klenk Security, the company of the armored car. Lee and Gerald trade gaffs over Gerald’s troublesome ways. Lee and Carter head to Klenk Security and question the owner. When Lee learns that the company are the worst in the area, the owner tells Lee to look at the camera at the outside. Despite Carter’s objections, Lee and Carter retrace the steps and find more footage of the truck’s guard in the back. Gerald is busted by Carter trying to break into a car. Carter learns that Gerald knows the Ukrainian gang operates in Hollywood. Carter and Lee have learned the explosive device used was the work of the Ukrainian gang and now the hunt is on for the leader, Pavlo Kuliyka.

Lee and Carter find Pavlo and begin to question him at a local bar. Pavlo agrees to cooperate but cannot do it in public. Pavlo cooperates and is released. They head to an Australian owner’s nightclub. They find footage of the truck guard bringing something in the truck and coming back. Seven minutes it took for the guard to come back so Lee and Carter search for clues. They find a secret entrance to a drug running operation in the basement of the nightclub. They are soon surrounded by the nightclub owner and his goons. Lee then confesses to Carter that the viral video, entitled “Badass Cop” was about Lee and not Carter as he thought.

Lee and Carter begin to fight off the goons. While they face off against all the goons, Carter is outmatched by an elderly drug maker who beats him up. But Carter finally gets the upper hand and Lee tells Carter that he must respect his elders. When they return, Donovan, who’s been jealous of Carter, constantly messes up Carter’s name to the media.

The armored truck guard was supposed to deliver the drugs to the Ukrainian gang but it all went awry. After confessing to Lee and Carter, the driver’s son confessed that his father knew about it but was warned to stay away. Lee and Carter now know the Ukrainians are responsible and Lee admits he was wrong about blaming Kwan Tao due to his obsession. They come up with theories about the robberies and have realized that the motorcycle gang are stunt performers with the armored truck driver as the stunt coordinator. They soon realize that the leader of the motorcycle gang was the driver’s son! Upon arrival at the hospital, both the driver and the son are gone and a doctor is on the floor.

Lee and Carter head out of the hospital and find both the driver and his son and they head towards the parking garage. Lee finds the perps driving and he jumps on the hood of the car and Carter shoots the tire and the perps are caught. Carter, who earlier had ordered T-shirts to say “Badass Cop” to showcase his thought to be skills, learns that the shirts had come in, but due to Carter’s misinformation of telling the T-shirt maker what to say, read “Bad Asscop”. Despite the mishap, Donovan admits he likes the shirt. Carter apologizes to Lee for not thinking about about him being a partner and vows to be more open to having a partner.

As the duo drive off, Lee’s sister Kim is in a car a block away. She receives a phone call from the Dragon, who tells Kim to keep an eye on her brother. He also tells her he may have her something very dangerous and asks if she will be able to take the task. Out of concern and the fact she can blow her cover, she agrees.



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