“Rush Hour” Recap – May 5, 2016 (Warning: Spoilers)


Sorry for the delay with this week’s Rush Hour recap. This time around, look for a 21 Jump Street-inspired episode in which Lee (Jon Foo) and Carter (Justin Hires) go undercover at a prep high school, but not as students, but as teachers to take down a new designer drug that caused one student’s death and the death of an undercover cop at the hands of a deadly cartel.

As with all recaps, we have the spoilers here. If you would rather wait to see the episode, do not read below. Look for Rush Hour on Thursday nights at 10:00pm EST on CBS.

Episode 6: “Welcome Back, Carter”

At a high school soccer game, three students are watching when one hands a mysterious man money. Meanwhile, another mysterious bald man has taken a photo of the trio, but more specifically, the girl, who gets a text and leaves. As she goes to the parking lot, she is confronted by the bald man (Lobo Sebastian) and the two fight it out. He demands the name of “the cook” but she refuses and he shoots her.

Lee and Carter learn that the victim was not a student, but an undercover cop from LAPD’s narcotics division at the high school. Her mission was to find the supplier of a new designer drug called Raxxa, an enhanced form of ecstasy. With permission from the administrators, Lee and Carter go undercover as teachers. Lee becomes the new physical education coach and Carter becomes a counselor.

A student named Dakota (Cinthya Carmona) is the top name connected to the undercover cop. Getting permission to tap her phone, Diaz and Donohue are ready to help with the investigation from the office. Meanwhile, the killer meets his boss, a notorious crime lord named Elisa Montoya (Lisa Roumain). She is unhappy with the location of the cook, who has been taking over her turf. She demands her henchman find the cook.

Diaz (Aimee Garcia) gets the best street informant for the case on the outside: Carter’s cousin Gerald (Page Kennedy) while Lee and Carter begin their first day on the job. The henchman is also at the school, posing as a janitor. Lee begins teaching and Carter installs the wire tap on Dakota’s phone. Lee shows Dakota how to salsa and other dances. Meanwhile, Carter is a grief counselor and some of the students mention a student who overdosed and when Carter mentions that if someone is in trouble, the police won’t do anything but rather parents somehow bail their kids out. They suspect the principal may be connected.

The surveillance system from the wire tap reveals that Dakota may or may not have the Raxxa. However, Diaz taps into the principal’s computer and finds out the donations from the students is “hush money”. A student had been passing Raxxa and a donation closed the case. When the principal (William Mapother) catches Diaz, all is revealed. Carter attempts to find the student who passed the Raxxa. Montoya’s goons have found the student in the weight room. Lee arrives in time and takes on the thugs but is stabbed in the melee and the thugs grab the student. Carter chases the thugs away after they drop the student.

Gerald and Diaz track down a potential connection at an auto body shop. The mechanic is worried about Diaz and even threatens her with a knife but Diaz fights off the mechanic’s goon and then points the knife at the mechanic. After some interrogating street-style, the mechanic reveals Alisa Montoya, the crime lord. The Sinaloa Cartel, led by Montoya, was the main supplier of Raxxa but have learned someone created a knock-off and has taken over the school, making Montoya one angry woman.

Cole is even stunned about Montoya and Sinaloa. Diaz gets the word that someone is ready with information. Meanwhile, Lee and Carter talk to the student they saved, who is in the hospital. He tells the duo that he only gave money to a random person on the street corner and gave them the last location of the dealer. Lee and Carter head to the location, a storage unit building, where two of Montoya’s goons are also there. Lee and Carter find the “cook”, who is Henry (Connor Paolo), a fellow student at the school, the one who was shocked at the kid who died of the overdose. Meanwhile, Montoya’s number one man kidnapped Dakota. Henry explains he did the drug-making because he had no money and wasn’t rich like everyone. Lo and behold, they arrest him.

Donohue calls Carter and tells him about Dakota’s kidnapping. A call is made on the Henry’s cell phone. Carter poses as Henry and is given a location to meet the henchman or Dakota dies. Montoya confronts Dakota and warns her that if Henry doesn’t show up, she will be killed. Montoya leaves while her number one man takes her inside the building. Sneaking inside the basement of the building, Carter and Lee prepare for action. A shootout ensues, killing one cartel member with the number one holding Dakota hostage. Carter shoots at another member while Lee fights and defeats another with Carter fighting a third member. This leads to a standoff between the number one and the cops. As Carter talks, Lee kicks the gun out of the henchman’s hand and a fight ensues in with the number one is impaled with a poker, killing him. Carter and Lee have the phone, which has all the evidence they need. They have taken down the Sinaloa Cartel and have arrested Alisa Montoya for all her crimes.

Having gotten the job done, Gerald takes the credit for taking down the cartel as he is boasting, Diaz reveals the truth about Gerald’s assistance. He and Carter argue about the pee wee football league record, forcing everyone to have a laugh.

Stay tuned for next week’s episode of Rush Hour


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