“Rush Hour” Recap – April 28, 2016


A pivotal character from the pilot episode returns as Lee (Jon Foo) and Carter (Justin Hires) face off against the returning Kwan Tao gang in last night’s episode of Rush Hour, entitled “Assault on Precinct 7”, which guest starred James HongSimon RheeRobyn LivelyDiedrich Bader, and Jessika Van.

As with all recaps, there are spoilers. If you plan to see this episode on Demand or at CBS.com, please do not read below. This can be summed up in four words: Best Episode So Far!

The episode opens with Lee, Carter, Gerald (Page Kennedy), and Diaz (Aimee Garcia) playing Go Fish with Diaz’s son Derek. When Gerald is caught cheating, he is chased by Derek and Diaz, who pronounce that Gerald should get “death by wedgie”. Carter explains to Lee what a wedgie and a swirly is as Lee has never experienced either one of those.

Meanwhile, a big rig pulls up to an abandoned shipping yard where two men await. The driver begins to freak out as he admits to opening the back, thinking it was arsenal. Regardless, the driver gets his money and a bonus, which is revealed to be a snake, which bites him and kills him.

That night, Lee begins to have a nightmare. A flashback shows a young Lee and his sister Kim, who we all know from the pilot, has allied herself with Triad group Kwan Tao. The flashback involves hearing the news that their parents were killed in a car accident. Upon waking up, Lee finds Kim (Jessika Van) decked out in black and pointing a gun at him. She tells him that Kwan Tao gave her an opportunity where Lee always held her back. She also tells him that Kwan Tao is back and they are setting up a smuggling ring. After a confrontation about her allegiance to the Triads, Lee and Kim begin to fight and a gunshot awakens Diaz, who tells Derek to stay in his room. Lee chases Kim to a baseball field where they are still fighting until Kim makes her escape via car.

The next day, Lee informs Cole and the team of the news involving the Kwan Tao and its potential smuggling ring, which involves trafficking Chinese girls to L.A., led by notorious criminal Zhou Tu (the man who killed the driver earlier, played by Rich Ting). Cole tells Carter to keep an eye on Lee because she knows that this mission is personal to him. However, Lee has already gone off and finds Kim’s car near an apartment building thanks to help from a garage owner who is scared of the Kwan Tao.

Sneaking through a back window, Lee begins to  bug the place as he hears members of the Kwan Tao arrive. He hides upon the ceiling and see the head of the gang, the Dragon (James Hong) with his right hand man Fong (Byron Mann) and Kim. Lee overhears about the smuggling ring, in which a shipment is to be delivered that evening. Lee almost gets caught, but narrowly makes his escape.

Thanks once again to Gerald, who has been acting as Carter’s informant, Carter and Diaz get a tip about Zhou Tu going to a spa in Koreatown before his “delivery” because they learn some of the girls who are smuggled end up working in strip clubs. When Diaz, Donovan (Kirk Fox), and Carter arrive at the spa, they are shocked by the arrival of Lee, who gets confronted by Carter for not letting him where he’s been.

Carter and Lee find Zhou Tu, who tells his men to kill all of them. Lee and Carter fight off against the men when Zhou Tu attempts to escape, prompting Carter to chase him. Diaz and Donovan are taking on more thugs in the public baths. Carter does catch up Zhou Tu and knocks him out with a tray. During interrogation, Zhou Tu begins to play mind games with Lee with Carter warning him what can happen if he pushes Lee too far. When Carter steps outside, Zhou Tu continues his mind games, prompting Lee to beat the bejesus out of him until Carter breaks it up.

Upon learning that Zhou Tu has been detained, thus making the delivery a failure, the Dragon responds, “Go get my son!” Yes folks…Zhou Tu is the Dragon’s son. A group of Kwan Tao thugs, led by Kim of all people, arrive at the police station. Donovan is taken hostage and this leads to an all out brawl between the police and the Kwan Tao. As the fight rages on, Kim goes to the interrogation room but is cut to more of the fight. When Carter confronts the thug who takes Donovan hostage, Diaz comes from behind and shoots the thug, saving Donovan. Lee, who had been fighting, and Carter both look for Zhou Tu and find him dead.

As Cole tries to calm everyone down from the rumble, Diaz and Carter find enough clues as to where the missing girls are and the police all go down to the shipping yard. They search the containers and Lee and Carter find the girls. Lee tells them that everything is okay now. As everything is being taped up and done, Carter finally asks Lee is the informant who told him about the smuggling ring was Kim. Lee confesses and admits that he let everyone down, including himself and Kim. Carter reminds him that he knows Kim is his family, but he has to think about Diaz, Gerald, and Carter as they are his family as well. Lee, finally realizing that he does not have to do everything alone, is going to need Carter and anyone else if he is to take down the Kwan Tao.

The next morning, Cole goes to a secret location. There, she meets FBI Agent Myers (Robyn Lively, still looking like she did in her 80’s heyday), FBI Agent Westhusing (Diedrich Bader), and Chinese MSS Agent Yun (Lyman Chen). They have informed Cole that they will be assisting the FBI per her request to take down the Kwan Tao. The FBI tells Cole they have someone on the inside as they speak and the undercover agent is revealed…it’s Kim! Cole recognizes her as Lee’s sister. To make the mission a success, Kim asks Cole not to tell Lee about her going undercover and Cole agrees.

Meanwhile, still having bugged the Dragon’s apartment, Lee and Carter listen in on the Dragon. Fong informs the Dragon that since Zhou Tu is dead, it is time to elect a new Red Pole. The Dragon agrees and Lee and Carter now are ready to begin a plan to take down the Kwan Tao…

Stay tuned next week for the next Rush Hour recap!



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