Listen to Dreampop Songstress, Whitney Tai’s Latest “Falling,”

Here’s some more new music to get your weekend jumping.  The song is called “Falling” and comes from dreampop songtress Whitney Tai. The song’s off her upcoming EP Forever out next month.  It’s a beautiful upbeat love track that you can listen to again and again. The Philippines online hit radio station, Blazin100, says, “We need her, we need her soul, we need music that has depth and not just a pattern of electronically fabricated instrumentation.” In an interview with, The track is one part of the story she’s put together for her EP which was written as a result of wanting to ” …get the message out to my friends and fans that life is so damn short and fragile…’Forever’ wants you to make “now” an everlasting moment of peace and creative ingeniuity that transforms your life.Listen to “Falling” below:

If you loved what you heard (and how could you not?) visit Whitney Tai’s website, like her Facebook page or follow her on Twitter and Instagram. Her EP Forever is available for pre-order now on iTunes.



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