Catch Me If You Can: the Most Iconic Getaway Vehicles Infographic from Car Dealer Reviews

Here’s a cool infographic from the website Car Dealer Reviews, it’s titled the Most Iconic Getaway Vehicles. Here’s they’re description:

So you’re on the run from the fuzz when you come across (an incredibly well stocked) garage full of classic getaway cars. But which do you pick?

From the nimble Mini Cooper to Bond’s sporty BMW Z3, a whole host of speedy autos have skidded across our screens during some of cinema’s most intense car chases.

Our research team were given the tough, gruelling task of watching countless films where cars drive places really quickly to escape from other cars that are also driving really quickly.

They came back with this list of 20 of the most iconic getaway vehicles

Check it out:



Neat huh? Car Dealer Reviews specializes in ensuring consumers get the best possible motoring experience, so while they can’t recommend any of these vehicles for the commuter run, we can still admire them for all their glory.


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