Our New Music Monday continues with this new track and music video from indie blues artist Jackie Venson. The song’s called “Endless War” and premiered on The Austin ChronicleIn talking to the publication about the inspiration for the video,Venson says that she and director Merritt Fields drew inspiration from sci-fi cult classic Invaders from Mars. Venson stated the following:

“It’s still an unsettling film. Came out around the Cold War era in 1953, has great colors and sets, and is seen through the perspective of a child. Adults and police officers have these Band-Aids on the backs of their necks where the aliens have tapped into their brains.”

Venson pointed out the resemblance of the aliens’ mental takeover of humans to “the oppressive gaze of TV news, the iron cage of social rationalization, and the numbness of complacency” in our society. Check out the video above to see the inspired visuals and listen to the track below:

Venson plans to release a live LP in September. And with a 2015 European tour already under her belt, Venson is slated for early 2016 performances across the United States. She’ll perform this Friday, April 22, at the One-2-One Bar in Austin.

Enjoyed what you heard and want to hear more from this artist? Check out our Indie Artist Spotlight where Jackie Venson was featured and visit her website and social media sites for more information.





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