Album Release: Blank Check, Volume 1 EP

On this New Music Monday, we’ve got the new album from Texas-based writer/producer Bizzythowed to listen to! The EP’s titled Blank Check, Volume 1. Listen to it below: 

The album was released on April 8th. Bizzythowed has worked alongside some of the music industry’s biggest names, including 2016 Grammy-award winner, The Weeknd, Nicki Minaj andFabolous. Through lending production insight to artists and studios throughout Miami, Bizzythowed managed to secure late night appearances as a guitarist on Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Regis and Kelly. Bizzythowed produces “no-holds-barred hard rock tracks about stepping up and going after whatever you want and not wasting time before you do so.” (AfroPunk)

Liked what you heard? Visit Bizzythowed’s site, and visit his social media sites:






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