“Rush Hour” Recap: April 14, 2016 (Warning: Spoilers)


The third episode of Rush Hour brings our dynamic duo of Lee (Jon Foo) and Carter (Justin Hires) on a high profile case involving the disappearance f the assistant District Attorney.

Wendie Malick is Capt. Cole; Aimee Garcia is Lt. Diaz (Carter’s ex-partner and best friend), Page Kennedy is Gerald (Carter’s fast-talking ex-con cousin); and Kirk Fox is Sgt. Donovan (a trash-talkin’ LAPD cop who can’t stand Carter’s antics).

As with recaps, there are spoilers here. If you plan to see the episode, do not read below. Rush Hour is on every Thursday at 10:00pm EST on CBS.

We see a mysterious hooded man scale a building and tagging an empty billboard. The graffiti artist witnesses the brutal slaying of a businessman. When the killers see the tagger, they attempt to go after him but he makes his escape. The leader of the killers orders a hit on the witness.

The next day, Lee and Carter begin to argue over the music being played in the car. Cole calls the duo back to the office. The assistant district attorney is missing and Lee and Carter have been assigned to find his whereabouts. They go to his office and find nothing. They notice the bedroom disheveled and they begin to find clues that lead to the possibility of a murder/clean-up job. We assume that the man killed in the beginning is the assistant D.A.

While Diaz informs Carter of a witness seeing the chase involving the tagger and the killers, Lee manages to scale the wall himself. Lee finds the incomplete tag with the supplies still around, deducing the tagger left in a panic.

Carter shows the D.A. surveillance footage of the tagger running and deduces about the murder and clean-up. The D.A. is worried about privacy when Carter wants access to files involving recent cases. Cole promises to help them out with the files. Lee and Carter catch up to Gerald, who doesn’t know the tag yet still feels Lee has no respect for him. Cole has retrieved the files.

The assistant D.A.’s secretary mentions that as of late, he had been distant and seemed weird, and asks Carter if they think he is okay. Sadly, the body was found in the river. According to Diaz, he died in a car accident, but Carter refuses to believe it. Without sufficient tests and DNA, they can’t do much but Carter is leading the charge to prove it was a murder and not some accident.

Gerald finds a tag similar to the one from earlier and asks a man who had done it. However, the man refuses to answer. After Carter leaves, one of the killers walks up to the man and asks about the tag and pays him. Some clues leads the team the old abandoned zoo. Lee, Carter, and Gerald head to the building and Lee plays Spin Doctors’ “Two Princes”, which gets Carter annoyed. Cole had given Lee her favorite songs and Carter tells him to try again.

Gerald finds the tag and as the trio search around, they find the tagger. This leads to a chase scene and Lee finds the killers have also arrived. As Lee and Carter fend off against the thugs, Gerald finds the tagger, who attempts to escape. The tagger successfully escapes, but Lee gets a good look at his face and even tells the kid he can help him, but to no avail.

Carter has discovered who is responsible for the whole murder, a notorious gangster only known as “The Turk”. Cole tells the team that they have tried relentlessly to nab the Turk but to no avail. Carter finds the Turk and confronts him about the murder. The Turk attempts to laugh it off, but once Lee mentioned the witness, the Turk threatens them.

At dinner, Gerald’s licorice sticks, which he found at the zoo, reveals where the kid may be hiding. We meet Carter’s grandmother, well, actually the owner of a boys’ home where Carter and Gerald grew up. The boy is revealed to be Jose, who lives there but had been missing for a few days. Carter remembers an old hiding spot and when he checks, ta-da! There is Jose!

Lee and Carter promise Jose they will help him and show him some photos. When Jose attempts to refute, Lee mentions about lying to a police officer but Carter is able to calm Jose down by talking about his past experiences as a teen  delinquent. Jose agrees to tell Carter what was said and they can start a case against the Turk.

In the interrogation room, Lee and Carter convince the Turk about the witness. However, Turk’s fast-talking lawyer gets him out which angers the District Attorney. When the D.A. tells them how the cases work, Cole stands up for the duo and the D.A is convinced that he will never nab the Turk. However, Lee is not planning to give up and even Carter is impressed that Lee has went through all the case files, where they may have found a clue.

Jose sees the D.A. and recognizes him as one of the men at the assistant D.A.’s loft the night he was murdered. Yes, the D.A. is actually in cahoots with the Turk! He goes to the bathroom and the D.A. follows him. However, Jose has made his escape.

Lee and Carter meet with the paralegal who gives them a backup of the files. They soon learn the files were changed and there is only one other person who had access to the files: The D.A. Diaz tells Carter that Jose had escaped, prompting the team to head to Carter’s grandmother’s, where the Turk is already waiting for Jose. Lee and Carter have arrived to the house but when the Turk hears a noise from the old hiding spot, Gerald pops out and goes after the Turk. Lee and Carter spring into action  and even gets a little help from Grandma! Jose is hiding in Carter’s car and while Lee kicks down two of the goons, Carter guns down the Turk when he points his gun towards Jose. The D.A. is later busted at the police station, where Cole has the pleasure of reading the dirty lawman his Miranda Rights.

Diaz, Gerald, Lee, Carter, Jose, and Grandma get together for dinner where Carter tells Jose he will help him get through his tagging but the right way. Lee makes a toast to “family” but when he wants to play music, everyone refuses to hear it!

And that’s your Rush Hour recap!!!



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