“Rush Hour” TV series premieres tonight

The wait is finally over. Tonight at 10:00pm Eastern Standard Time, the TV adaptation of the hit film trilogy Rush Hour will make its debut on CBS.

Based on the three films released in 1998, 2001, and 2007, the series revolves around a Hong Kong inspector who joins forces with a fast talking L.A. detective. The films starred Jackie Chan as Inspector Lee and Chris Tucker as Detective Carter.

The series stars Jon Foo, a wushu champion turned stuntman and actor, as Inspector Lee, who comes to Los Angeles and teams up with Detective Carter, played by Justin Hires (21 Jump Street). Film series director Brett Ratner serves as executive producer on the series, which was developed by Bill Lawrence (Scrubs) and Blake McCormick. Hollywood stunt legend James Lew coordinated the fights for the pilot episode with subsequent episodes choreographed by another Hollywood stunt vet, Jeff Wolfe.

Early word of mouth reveals a bit of rave, especially Foo as the new Lee. Early previews gave the series the automatic greenlight. Check out the promo trailer above to get a look at what to expect in the pilot, which debuts tonight at 10:00pm on CBS.


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