Watch this Leia Organa for Senate Political Attack Ad Created by Suvudu

Here’s something cool and Star Wars related, Suvudu-the science fiction and fantasy subdivision of Penguin Random House, created this Leia Organa for Senate political attack ad. Watch it below:

Suvudu contributor Matt Staggs narrated the political ad, that was inspired by the election year in the U.S. and the posters for the upcoming novel Star Wars: Bloodline which you can view below.


Star Wars: Bloodline was written by Claudia Gray and will be released this May. Here’s the synopsis for the novel:

When the Rebellion defeated the Empire in the skies above Endor, Leia Organa believed it was the beginning to a lasting peace. But after decades of vicious infighting and partisan gridlock in the New Republic Senate, that hope seems like a distant memory.

Now a respected senator, Leia must grapple with the dangers that threaten to cripple the fledgling democracy—from both within and without. Underworld kingpins, treacherous politicians, and Imperial loyalists are sowing chaos in the galaxy. Desperate to take action, senators are calling for the election of a First Senator. It is their hope that this influential post will bring strong leadership to a divided galaxy.

As the daughter of Darth Vader, Leia faces with distrust the prospect of any one person holding such a powerful position—even when supporters suggest Leia herself for the job. But a new enemy may make this path Leia’s only option. For at the edges of the galaxy, a mysterious threat is growing. . . .

Lastly, Suvudu is currently hosting Cage Match 2016: Dynamic Duos, their annual “March-Madness-style” original-fiction tournament that enlists writers to create fictional battles between characters, sharing their idea for how the fight would play out.  This year, Cage Match features famous duos from the sci-fi and fantasy canon in head-to-head battles. Authors write the battles and fans vote to determine the winners.

Cage Match was featured here on Uncanny Pop last year during our month-long 31 Days of Women Making History event.  Currently, Round Four is now live through March 31 and it’s come down to: Sevro & Darrow of Pierce Brown’s Red Rising vs. Sophie Hatter & Howl Pendragon of Diana Wynne Jones’s Howl’s Moving Castle and Legolas & Gimli of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings vs. Vin & Elend Venture of Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn Trilogy. The fifth and final round starts April 4 and will determine the winning duo.




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