Throwback Thursday: Charcoal Sketches of the Invisible Man’s Daydreams of Tomorrow EP

On this Throwback Thursday, we’re going back in time to listen to Charcoal Sketches of the Invisible Man’s Daydreams of Tomorrow EP.  Here’s what the artist had to say about this album:

When making music, nothing interests me more than looking back at how your music used to be. Right now, your music is more refined, better built, conceptual, but you didn’t just get there. How did you start?
For me, it was with Windows Sound Recorder.
Do you remember the old Windows recorder that lets you record everything a minute at a time? It records mostly in 5’s and they let you sample whatever including the playing, flip it, echo it and whatever else you wish to do it? Well, the moment that I learned to make beats, I experimented with making more futuristic stuff.
Synths, drums, piano, even guitar…I used all that I had learned to my advantage and came with this at the age of 21. The object of this was trying to work with the fact that WSR would only let you record beats that are 120 bpm. In that time, I made something dizzying, mechanical, experimental, for a lack of a better term. Now, 6 years later, I have decided to give this over to you. 
I may not make beats that are dystopic or “magical” in scope as much as I used to (I still have more stuff that I think will wow you!), but I look back at my beginnings with a fondness. I hope you will look back on this with me. ☺
The cover was created when I was around 20. It’s a picture of a chip disguised as an organism cell.
Take a listen to the EP below:

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