Facebook Reactions enhances newsfeeds

If you have ever wanted to react to a post with an emoticon rather than a like, then you now have the power to react in a variety of ways to post! Facebook  currently allows users for both their mobile and desktop versions to select from six reactions.

The reactions list are as follows: The “Like”icon still represented with a thumbs up, the “Heart” icon to represent love, an Emoji representing the laughing sound of “Haha”, an and Emoji representing Wow, an emoticon representing Sad, and the last Emoji represents Angry,” explains Facebook .

Since the “Like” button was introduced users have been requesting a “Dislike” option. With these reactions, these go far beyond dislike and seek to truly capture a person’s reaction to content, which is ultra awesomeness.

We can’t wait to react to post with these new options and see what kind of relations our audience chooses for our sizzling content!

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 6.51.27 PM
Check us out as we use Facebook’s reactions to “Love”  SHINOBI NINJA’s latest post!

Sources: Photo http://mashable.com/2016/02/24/facebook-reactions-new-like-button/#cQwTwbirRkqO

News Feed FYI: What the Reactions Launch Means for News Feed

UPop fans, have you used the used Facebook’s Reactions?




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