Valentine’s Day & S.A.D. Playlists

Depending on your point of view, today is a wonderful day or a dreaded one.

Today I’m celebrating both being in love and being single. Currently I’m the latter and that’s not a bad thing, unfortunately people think that being single is sad but it isn’t always. I’m glad that those of you who are in a relationship(s) are celebrating today and I wish you the best. And to those of you who are like me single, celebrate your status and don’t be miserable. Enjoy this time and if you’re looking for that special someone, I hope you find them and that it’ll be a healthy and wonderful relationship.

Now onto the music portion of this blog post. I’ve created two playlists for you one celebrating Valentines, the other Single Awareness. Whatever your status, we all can agree that we all share a love of music. Enjoy them both and whether you’re single or in a relationship, go forth and see Deadpool!


S.A.D. Playlist:



V-Day Playlist:




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