Archie Comics Inspired “Riverdale” Casts 2 Major Players


The CW is gearing up for a new comedy-drama series based on the popular Archie Comics series. The series, titled Riverdale, is being produced by Arrow and The Flash producer Greg Berlanti. However, don’t expect the cuteness and likability of the comics. It will be more of a realistic approach to life in the titular town.

TV Line announced that two of the major characters have been cast. The crown-wearing, always hungry Jughead Jones will be played by Cole Sprouse of TV’s “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody” and the film “Big Daddy” opposite Adam Sandler. The other role that has been cast is Betty Cooper with “Surviving Jack” actress Lili Reinhart taking the role. In the series, Betty has a crush on Archie Andrews.

Interestingly enough, one of the series’ stories will be the fact that Archie and Jughead, usually the best of friends, are no longer such and it remains a sore subject for the duo. The other major characters (Archie, Veronica Lodge, and Reggie Mantle) have yet to be cast.

Riverdale is scheduled to premiere later this year on the CW Network.


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