Comic Review: STARBURN

Photo provided by Kelly Bender


Created & Written: Kelly Bender

Illustrations: Brian Balondo

Color Cover by: The Art Team

Inks: Cristian Docolomansky

Colors: Laura Lee

Letters: Nic J Shaw  issues 1&2 and MICAH MYERS  issues 3&4.

Publisher: MARKOSIA

STARBURN is an out of this word comic that focuses on the fastest ship in the galaxy  and its crew of pirates. The crew obtains items  across the galaxies and hands them over to their clients at handsome prices.

One member of the crew, Gauge, suddenly questions  Captain Aphi about the game plan for this particular job. He wants the captain to put the well being of the crew above the loot, but the crew laugh at his emphatic thought. It is clear the crew has been working together for a long time.

A runaway package, an interesting mission, and many twist and turns makes STARBURN a must read! Purchase STARBURN by clicking here.







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