“Into the Badlands: Hand of Five Poisons” Recap (Contains Spoilers)


Last week marked the season finale of AMC’s martial arts action series Into the Badlands. A surprise appearance and revelations were revealed and all I can say is, let’s hope AMC will announce Season 2!

If you prefer to watch the series for yourself, go to AMC’s Into the Badlands homepage to view all episodes and extras as this recap does contain spoilers.


Sunny (Daniel Wu), hellbent on leaving the Badlands, brings his “payment” of a head to the River King (Lance Nichols). While the River King wants the head of M.K. (Aramis Knight), Sunny brings the head of the colt killed by M.K. in the last episode. The River King, thinking it is M.K., accepts the payment and informs Sunny that the boat will leave at midnight.

When Sunny tells Veil (Madeleine Mantock) of the plan, she asks him bluntly if he was the one who killed her parents. When he tells her that it was Quinn (Marton Csokas), she asks if he could have stopped him. Not answering makes her wonder if Sunny will keep his promise. Sunny tells her he will come back, but she tells him if she is there when he arrives, he will know her answer for leaving the Badlands together.


Meanwhile, M.K. becomes a target of the religious clan led by the father of Lydia (Orla Black), and the father sends a member to find the three Abbots (special guest star Cung Le, and stunt performers Morgan Benoit and Mickey Facchinello) to find him and “cleanse” him.

Speaking of Lydia, she looks as if she is beginning to bond with Jade (Sarah Bolger) when Quinn confronts his current wife about the possible poisoning of Jade, in which he has evidence. Undeterred, he banishes Lydia from the Fort as if that’s not bad enough, Ryder (Oliver Stark), Lydia and Quinn’s son, shuns her as well.


Quinn tells Ryder that there is a traitor in their ranks and Quinn assumes it is Sunny, due to some recent actions. Quinn orders Sunny arrested and chained up in the dungeon. Knowing that his most loyal clipper is to be a father with Veil, Quinn calls for Veil, only for the viewer to learn Veil has disappeared.

Veil has been taken to the Widow (Emily Beecham), who is still suffering from wounds she sustained in the attack from Sunny. Veil agrees to save her and gives her three bottles. Veil tells the Widow’s most loyal warrior, Tilda (Ally Ioannides) which bottle is the medicine and which ones are poison.

Lydia, having been banished, reunited with her father and agrees to join his religion. She “cleanses” herself in a pool and is then accepted once again by her father.

Quinn has learned of M.K.’s “dark power” and makes him an offer that he cannot refuse. Quinn agrees to let Sunny live and allow Tilda to enter the Fort if he can make Sunny a “superpowered” clipper. M.K. agrees but as they head to the Doll House, the local brothel, they begin to sense trouble brewing.

Sunny, in the meantime, finds one person who he can rely on: his wheelchair-bound mentor Waldo (Stephen Lang), who sets him free and tells him about Quinn and M.K. going to the Doll House.


Quinn and M.K. see Baron Jacoby (Edi Gathegi) but Quinn learns who the real traitor is…and for those who have seen the series, we all knew the whole time…it is Ryder! The Widow is not there as Ryder implies that he never trusted her. Surrounding the duo are Jacoby, his clipper Zypher (Ellen Hollman) and Ryder. Quinn then cuts M.K., who uses his “dark power” to take care of the trio.

As Quinn begins to hide, he finds Sunny, who stabs him with his sword and then holds down M.K., who is about to kill Ryder when all of a sudden, the Abbots show up and use their skills to actually combat and take out M.K. Sunny, knowing the youngster is in need of help, attempts to take on the trio and despite getting some shots in, the Abbots prove to be too much as they send Sunny through a wall of a building. They kidnap M.K. when a shadowy figure approaches Sunny.

Veil attempts to look for Sunny but to no avail. When Tilda asks the Widow why she wanted M.K., the Widow responds, “he is special, like I once was”. Tilda looks slowly at the bottles. Sunny awakens, but is chained up to a boiler in the basement of a ship. The River King arrives and tells Sunny that he knew the head wasn’t M.K. and that he will make him a lot of money due to his skills. Sunny screams for dear life as M.K. awakens in the trunk loaded onto the back of the Abbot’s vehicle. M.K. reveals that this is now the end, but “a new beginning”.

As the season comes to an end, all we can do is wait patiently for AMC to hopefully announce a season 2 of the series to see what will happen to Sunny and M.K. and the fates of Quinn, Ryder, and the Widow. Here’s to hoping AMC will deliver a season 2 as this was truly one of their best shows!


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