“Into the Badlands: Snake Creeps Down” Recap (Contains Spoilers)


It is heating up! The second to last episode of the inaugural season of AMC’s martial arts action series Into the Badlands presents more revelations in the lives of Sunny, M.K., and Quinn as they continue to wage war against the deadly Widow.

If you would rather see the episode, do not read from this point and go to AMC’s Into the Badlands homepage to see the episode for free.


We begin with Sunny training with M.K. a top of the fort’s training grounds. When Sunny cuts M.K., the dark energy surrounds M.K., who pushes Sunny down to fall hard. However, it was only a dream when Sunny wakes up next to Veil.

Sunny opens the Book of Azra, when he discovers a cutout inside the book. Sunny grabs his compass with the symbol of Azra and places it in the cutout. Sunny learns that the compass points towards a possible way out. Veil awakens and asks Sunny about the compass, in which he replies it is broken. However, he does reveal he might know a way out of the Badlands.

Speaking of M.K., Sunny talks to him quietly and asks why he lied about not knowing where Azra was. M.K. reveals that he knows somewhat but it is all jumbled in his head. Sunny then reveals his compass might be able to lead the way.


Meanwhile, things have come to a head at Baron Quinn’s house. Quinn is beginning to feel major pressure since most of his cogs have joined the Widow. Jade, Quinn’s wife-to-be, suggests that the remaining clippers and colts should work the poppy fields in order to save them, drawing the ire of Lydia. Quinn, realizing he has no other choice, agrees that it is a good idea.

However, when Quinn makes the announcement about the poppy fields, his tumor causes him to have massive headaches. He asks Jade to take the lead while Lydia takes him back to his study.


While Jane teaches the clippers and colts about working the poppy fields, Sunny, M.K., along with another clipper and colt are outside when they learn it has been booby-trapped by the Widow, who has done the test on all the cogs to see if they are the one she seeks (which of course is M.K.). She begins to wonder about Tilda’s loyalty when she asks about M.K., in which Tilda tells her that it is not possible since she cut him (which she really didn’t), but knows of his powers.

Meanwhile, Ryder talks to M.K. and inquires that he is grateful for saving him, but when inquired about the pendant, Ryder denies any knowledge and asks why the pendant is important to him. While M.K. said that his mother gave him the pendant, Ryder asks about the symbol, in which M.K. denies any knowledge.

Ryder meets with Lydia’s father, his estranged grandfather, who is a preacher of some sort of mystic religion. He tells Ryder of Azra, which is described as a paradise land outside of the Badlands. While Ryder believes it is all myth, his grandfather is convinced that there is a “Dark One” at the fort who needs to be cleansed. into-the-badlands-episode-105-quinn-csokas-2-935

When Quinn and Jade are alone, she feeds him hot soup and talks about meeting 16 years ago in the poppy fields. Then out of nowhere, Jade falls to the floor and begins to convulse with foam coming out of her mouth as Quinn yells for help.


When Tilda and M.K. meet that night, Tilda begins to become convinced that M.K.’s powers can be harnessed by thinking of her. However, Sunny sneak attacks from behind and takes Tilda to the fort. Despite M.K. going against the plan, it appears as if Sunny knows that Tilda is the key to M.K. controlling his power and only has intention: the location of the Widow, who finally appears and faces off against Sunny. When M.K. frees Tilda, another colt begins to assault Tilda and locks M.K. in the cell. M.K., having had enough, cuts himself to unleash his powers and ends up impaling the colt while Tilda and the Widow make their escape. However, as M.K. is still faint on the ground, a figure is seen, having witnessed the powers that M.K. possesses and close up…it is Quinn!

We have reached the homestretch…the season finale of Into the Badlands is on this Sunday, December 20, at 10pm EST on AMC.

Please let there be a season 2!!!



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