Comic Book Review: Whatever Happened to the Archetype?


Written by Stu Perrins

Art by: Ron Gravelle

Color Cover by: Shaun Dobie

Publisher: Insane Comics

Stu Perrins’ work is always a welcome sight to me and his new comic Whatever Happened to the Archetype? is an excellent addition.

Part of a four part superhero/ sci-fi ‘epic, issue one introduces readers to Christopher Quin, a long-time resident of the Cherry Blossom Residential Home for the elderly, who in his younger days crashed landed from a far away planet in England during the midst of WWII and became a superhero.

Unfortunately, no one believes him and Quin is thought to be a mad man raving about imaginary exploits while his former superhero moniker The Archetype has become a myth amongst the populace.  Quin begins to tell his tale to a mysterious stranger, in the hope that they will believe.

The story captures the reader’s attention with Perrins’ story telling and Gravelle’s detailed and amazing artwork. At the ending of this first issue will leave readers with many questions that they’ll want answered and their curiosity will be enhanced as they’ll be wanting more.



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