“Into the Badlands: Two Tigers Subdue Dragons” Recap (Contains Spoilers)


Sunday night brought the fourth episode of the AMC martial arts action series Into the Badlands, which is shaping up with some surprise twists that will somewhat shock yet may not shock viewers.

As with the previous recaps, this will contain spoilers. If you would rather see the episode, go to AMC’s Into the Badlands website to see the episode for free.

The episode begins with Tilda (Ally Ioannides) running through the forest in a white dress stained with blood. She finds a truck and asks for help. However, it is a ruse when it is revealed that the Widow (Emily Beecham) has plans for the truck, which has a gold transport courtesy of Baron Jacobee, but she also has one of Quinn’s Clippers with her. The Clipper vows that she will pay for what she is doing and that the barons will have her head. She replies by taking one of Jacobee’s trademark axes and decapitates him.


Meanwhile, Sunny (Daniel Wu) continues his training with M.K. (Aramis Knight) as the way to get out of the Badlands. He knows of M.K.’s powers and while watching his young protege practice alone at night, Sunny is tempted to throw a knife to see M.K.’s powers, but cannot bring it up to himself to do…at least until the following day.

When Sunny decides to find a way to help M.K. channel his dark energy, he cuts him. M.K.’s eyes turn pitch black and does a palm strike on Sunny, sending him crashing into a wall all before he faints. When both revive, M.K. is worried that his dark power can one day kill someone. Sunny encourages him to think about something pure, something good when the dark energy arrives.


Meanwhile, Jade (Sarah Bolger), who is soon to be Quinn’s next wife and is revealed to be the lover of Quinn’s son Ryder (Oliver Stark), talks with Lydia (Orla Black) about instead of becoming enemies, forge an alliance, especially with all the troubles plaguing Quinn. Lydia reacts in a way that Jade may seem offended but knows that Lydia is right.

Quinn goes to see Veil (Madeleine Mantock) about curing the tumor that is going to kill him eventually. Veil suggests they try a compound her father had been working on that could suppress and even shrink the tumor. Quinn tells Veil that her father said it would never work, but Veil responds that this could be a way to prove him wrong.


Quinn sends Ryder, after arguing with him again this time over Jade, to meet with Zypher (Ellen Hollman), Jacobee’s Head Regent, to discuss the parlay in which they hope to join forces to stop the Widow. Meanwhile, Jade talks with Ryder and decides to break things off with him in order to marry Quinn. Ryder warns Jade about Lydia and how possessive she is of Quinn and even reveals a dark secret about the death of Quinn’s last wife Beatrice, which was confirmed by one of the maids at the farm.

Sunny, learning all the chaos, turns to Waldo (Stephen Lang) as he made his decision. He must leave the Badlands but doesn’t know what to do to begin. Waldo realizes that Sunny has fallen in love with Veil and shows envy when he reveals he could have left a long time ago, but never had anything or anyone to leave for. Waldo hands Sunny what looks to be a little toy soldier and tells him to find the River King as he will lead the way out of the Badlands.

When the parlay happens, everything is not as it seems. Quinn tells Jacobee (Edi Gathegi) that the transport was not stopped by his men despite the evidence that was triggered by the Widow. While Jacobee tells Quinn that his father never liked him and inquires about the oil fields. Meanwhile, M.K. spots a cloaked Tilda about to attack the Barons with one of Jacobee’s axes to start a battle between the two. When M.K. shouts about the spy, a battle breaks out between Quinn and Jacobee.


During the battle, M.K. stops Tilda, who scratches him. The sight of the blood brings the dark energy back in M.K., who unleashes rage on Tilda and goes as far as choking her. When she pleads for M.K. to stop, for the first time, M.K. finds balance with the dark energy and slowly revives himself before fainting. However, Sunny finds Tilda and chases her down when he distracts him with one of her butterfly shuriken.

Sunny reveals that the Widow is responsible and shows both Jacobee and Quinn the butterfly shuriken. Jacobee responds, “If you want the Widow gone, you’re going to have to deal with this” before leaving.

Upon returning to the fort, Sunny, Quinn, and the surviving colts and clippers have found almost everyone killed. When Sunny and Quinn enter the farm, they find the maid who told Jade about Beatrice’s death and her little girl still alive. The maid reveals the Widow and her assassins arrived and killed all the clippers. As for the cogs, the Widow bribed them with Jacobee’s gold, leading them to follow her. Quinn becomes grateful of the maid’s loyalty.

Ryder had been kidnapped and taken to the Widow’s house by a traitorous Zypher. The Widow reveals that she and Ryder have a common threat: Quinn. She offers Ryder a chance to join forces with her to take out Quinn so he can be the new Baron. Ryder makes the agreement.

Sunny finally meets the River King (Lance Nichols), who makes a deal with Sunny. He agrees to help him find the way out of the Badlands if he delivers the boy who has killed many people and we all know who he is talking about.

What will happen to Quinn? Will Sunny deliver M.K. to escape the Badlands? Will the Widow get her wish to take over the Badlands?

There are only two episodes left of the series, which may get a second season, but it is still up in the air at this point.

Into the Badlands will be on Sunday at 10:00pm EST on AMC.



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