Review: Star Wars Jedi Master Magazine #1


I’m a Star Wars fan and with anticipation of episode seven, Star Wars: The Force Awakens nearing an all time high, the first issue of Titan Magazine’s Star Wars Jedi Master made it’s debut last month on November 17th. I was able to receive a physical copy of the magazine for reviewing purposes.

SWJM1_14_AnakinSkywalker    SWJM1_44_45_Droids  SWJM1_19_DarthMaul

The 52-page full cover magazine doesn’t disappoint! Each issue introduces readers or Padawans as they’re called to the world of Star Wars, beginning with episode 1 in the first issue.  The magazine featured fact files, character biographies and puzzles, in addition to expanding readers’ knowledge with trivia from Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.  There are also two pull out posters that star characters on both end of the force spectrum.

I found the magazine to be accessible to readers of all ages and a great companion for the film. Overall, Titan Magazine’s Star Wars Jedi Master magazine is a fun and interactive experience for all ages. I look forward to what issue two will bring.

To purchase your copy of the magazine head over to Titan Magazine’s site.




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