2016 Marks the Return of Samurai Jack

Rejoice my fellow Samurai Jack fans, for the day that we all have long waited for has finally arrived, or I should say it’s finally coming.  Samurai Jack will be returning to Cartoon Network in 2016!


Yes you read that right.  This morning on Adult Swim, it was announced that creator Genny Tartakovsky (The Powerpuff Girls, Star Wars Clone Wars) would return with a brand new season of this blessed cartoon which will be a part of the Toonami block.  And production is already a go at the Cartoon Network Studios in Los Angeles.

Samurai Jack originally made its debut in 2001 and told the story of a samurai that had been time-displaced due to the shape-shifting demon Aku who had destroyed his father’s kingdom.  The series was acclaimed or its animation style and battle sequences. Sadly in 2004, the show was canceled after airing four Emmy winning seasons.


There was discussion of making a Samurai Jack film for many years, even with an announcement by Tartakovsky that it was in pre-production but nothing ever materialized…until now!

Now my only question is who will replace the late Mako Iwamatsu, voice of the all powerful Aku?

(via Comicbookresources.com & io9.com)


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