“Into the Badlands: White Stork Spreads Wings” Recap (Contains Spoilers)


On Sunday night, the third episode of AMC’s Into the Badlands premiered and the show starts off exciting and there are more developments in the lives of the characters.

As with the previous recaps, if you don’t want to know what happened in this episode and watch it for yourself, do not read beyond this point. Go to AMC’s Into the Badlands‘ website to enjoy the episode, which is streaming for free.


Looking to get retribution for his son’s near death experience from the last episode, Quinn (Marton Csokas) leads the clippers on an assault at the Widow (Emily Beecham)’s mansion. When Sunny orders the colts to keep on lookout, M.K. (Aramis Knights) sneaks in the house and steals the book with the Azra symbol that the baroness had stolen. Meanwhile, Quinn and the Widow face each other, but Quinn’s headache comes back and gives the Widow an advantage until Sunny arrives in the nick of time.

Upon returning to the fort, M.K. admits to Sunny about stealing the book. Sunny hides and begins his training M.K. Forced to stand on top of the arena, M.K. doesn’t like Sunny’s ways of training and expects to just fight. Showing M.K. that training is more than fighting, Sunny forces his colt to fight his mentor, the wheelchair bound Waldo (Stephen Lang). Proving the theories of never underestimating your opponent and to see beyond what it is front of you, M.K. easily loses to Waldo and learns his lesson.


Meanwhile, at the fort, Quinn’s bride-to-be Jade (Sarah Bolger) is given a tongue thrashing from Lydia as she sees Jane with her ailing son Ryder (Oliver Stark), who has not recovered. Lydia truly shows her jealousy and tells Jade to let her tend to her son. Desperate to help Ryder and to show her loyalty to Quinn, Jane goes to Veil (Madeleine Mantock), who is revealed to be a childhood friend of Jade’s. When Jane brings Veil to Ryder, it is revealed that Ryder’s brain is swollen from the trauma of being hung. Despite her pleas not to go through with it, Veil goes through an impromptu surgery. Quinn, learning what had been done, thanks Veil and vows to avenge her parents’ death as well as telling her he knows of the relationship between she and Sunny. Nevertheless, Quinn appears to be grateful.

Quinn learns that local Angelica (Teressa Liane), who is one of the Widow’s mistresses, had set Ryder up for the fall. Sunny is sent to deal with Angelica. Meanwhile, Tilda (Ally Ioannides) confronts M.K. after she sees him wearing the colt uniform. As M.K. tells her that he really is trying to find his mother, he also reveals that the Widow is just as bad as Quinn. Sunny finally corners Angelica, who jumps to her own death rather than reveal the location of the Widow.

When Ryder wakes up, Lydia finally finds herself convinced that he isn’t up to task to take over as the Baron. A hurt Ryder tells his mother to get out with Lydia finally telling him that he is on his own from now on. Meanwhile, it is clear that Jade actually loves Ryder when she is holding his hand, but when the Baron opens the door, she quickly moves her hand away.

Quinn has learned that his assault with the Widow has angered the other barons and they want him to meet them. Sunny knows that Quinn could be walking into death. Quinn decides to make things right, he must ally with the one baron who has given him the least issues, Baron Jacoby.


This prompts Sunny to meet with Jacoby’s regent/head clipper Zypher (Ellen Hollman), who was Sunny’s one-time lover. Zypher still has feelings for Sunny, who obviously is in love with Veil. However, she agrees to talk with Jacoby about meeting with Quinn.

Quinn, having learned how Veil saved Ryder, has an idea to possibly help him with his tumor, which has been causing his headaches. He goes to Veil and tells her that she must help him.

Will Veil take up Quinn’s offer for help? Will Ryder be strong enough to take over? Can the Widow be stopped? Will M.K. be able to master his training? Will Jacoby meet and ally himself with Quinn against the Widow?

This season is already halfway over…The next episode, “Two Tigers Subdue Dragons”, premieres this Sunday at 10pm EST on AMC.



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