“Into the Badlands: Fist Like a Bullet” Recap (Contains Spoilers)


The second episode of AMC’s Into the Badlands premiered Sunday night, where we are introduced to some new characters and our hero Sunny (Daniel Wu) facing more strife within his life.

Once again, if you have not seen the episode and would not like to know what happens, do not read beyond this point, as this contains spoilers. Go to AMC’s Into the Badlands official site to view the episode, which is now available to stream for free.


Upon entering a local tavern, the Widow (Emily Beecham) meets with a former associate and attempts to convince him to join her in the battle against Baron Quinn (Marton Csokas). However, her meeting is disrupted when a band of nomads arrive with the intent of killing her. However, the Widow shows how deadly she is with blades and she easily slices and dices her way towards the nomads. Before killing the last one, she learns that Quinn’s son Ryder (Oliver Stark) is responsible for the attack.


Meanwhile, M.K. (Aramis Knight), having escaped Quinn’s fort finds himself seeing a young teen dressed in a turquoise and black outfit hunting a rabbit. She finds M.K. and introduces herself as Tilda (Ally Ioannides), who is the regent to the Widow. She takes M.K. to the Widow’s fort. When Ryder, Sunny, and the clipper force arrive in front of the fort, Ryder wants to look, but Sunny reminds Ryder that under Quinn’s orders, they are not allowed to just wander through the Widow’s fort and tells the clipper force to return.


Quinn, still peeved at M.K.’s escape, is trying to find out who helped him escape. He inquires about what he had stolen to get him imprisoned in the first place. Ryder hands him the pendant with the symbol of Azra, M.K.’s hometown. When Quinn asks Sunny if he had seen the symbol before, Sunny denies it. Quinn learns that he has a tumor and will not have long to live. Shocked at the news, he forces Sunny to kill the doctor and his wife, who are the parents of his loved one, Veil (Madeleine Mantock). Feeling uneasy about this, Quinn does the job himself and tells Sunny, “I didn’t do anything. As far as I know, you killed them.”

Now feeling like he has to leave the Badlands, Sunny turns to Waldo (Stephen Lang) for advice. Waldo is Sunny’s mentor who had trained him to be the “clipper” he is today. Waldo reminds Sunny that even if he were to escape the Badlands, Quinn would assure that he would be hunted down and killed for his actions. Nevertheless, Sunny finds a grieving Veil and tells her they must find a way out of the Badlands.

At the Widow’s fort, the Widow is convinced that M.K. is the one she is looking for. She tests Tilda’s loyalty when she reveals that anger and his skin cut can cause M.K. to reveal his powers. However, when Tilda confronts and fights M.K., M.K. somehow convinces her that he is looking for his mother. Out of respect for M.K., Tilda cuts her hand and makes a fake cut on M.K.’s face telling him to scream. This fools the Widow and that night, M.K. tells Tilda he must leave. When the Widow arrives with one of her nomads, she catches Tilda and M.K. kissing. Upset, the Widow tells M.K. he is no longer welcome and the nomad leader offers to take him for her. She agrees, but the nomad leader knows that M.K. is who they are looking for.


Ryder learns from a young woman he is courting that the Widow’s nomads have been running opium in the Badlands and is given a location of where the warehouse is. Quinn learns of the location and asks Sunny to join Ryder in another test of loyalty.

When Ryder and Sunny arrive, they learn it was a set-up by the Widow. Ryder has a chain wrapped around his neck and is hung while Sunny single-handedly takes on the nomads. Using his impeccable martial arts skills and double sword techniques, Sunny slices and dices his way through the nomads. However, when he cuts down the chain to save a nearly dead Ryder, the nomad leader knocks him down. Just as Sunny is about to be killed, the nomad leader is stabbed by a freed M.K.

M.K. finally admits to Sunny that he knows the way out of the Badlands, but cannot do it alone. Sunny tells M.K. he cannot leave the Badlands or he will die. However, Sunny discovers another way to help M.K. He offers to become his teacher and tells him about Veil and their unborn child.

At Quinn’s fort, Sunny tells Quinn of the ambush and how it was M.K. that saved both he and Ryder. Sunny tells Quinn that he would like to make M.K. his “colt” (clipper in training). While shocked at what he heard, Quinn accepts M.K., who pledges his loyalty to Quinn.

The next episode, “White Stork Spreads Wings”, will premiere this Sunday, November 29, at 10:00PM EST on AMC.



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