The Portokalos Family returns with first trailer to “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2”

In 2003, audiences were treated to a big fat Greek wedding when Second City member Nia Vardalos took her one-woman show that was a semi-autobiography of her life and turned it into one of the sleeper hits of that year.

Now, thirteen years later, Vardalos returns as Toula Portokalos-Miller with My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, which reunites her with the original cast of the film, including John Corbett as her husband Ian, Michael Constantine as patriarch Gus, Lainie Kazan as matriarch Maria, Andrea Martin as Aunt Voula, Louis Mandylor as her brother Nick, Gia Carides as her cousin Nikki, and Joey Fatone as her cousin Angelo.

The new film has two major plots mixed into one. The first involves the now teen daughter of Toula and Ian, Paris (played by Elena Kampouris) preparing to go to college while dealing with the constant family interference her mother had endured in the original film. The second will involve another “big fat Greek” wedding when it has been revealed that Gus and Maria are not legally married due to the judge in Greece forgetting to sign the certificate.

If you like the original film, which is a guilty pleasure of mine, chances are from the trailer you may just like this one. The film had been spawned as a TV series in 2005, My Big Fat Greek Life, but only lasted seven episodes due to some changes in characters and proof that it just held better as a movie. In any case, look for My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 on March 25th from Universal Pictures.


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