Meet the official cast of Dean Israelite’s “Power Rangers”


As mentioned on October 5’s Superheroic News Bites, a reboot of the original Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers was being developed by series creator Saban Brands and Lionsgate Films for the big screen and that Project Almanac helmer Dean Israelite will be directing the film. The script was completed by Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz, who co-wrote the 2011 adaptation of Marvel’s God of Thunder Thor.

As of this past weekend, the final cast of newcomers who will play the new rebooted superheroes was confirmed through their accounts on the movie’s official Instagram. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to meet your new big-screen Power Rangers.

#DacreMontgomery is officially suiting up as the #RedRanger. Get excited for the @PowerRangersMovie, coming in 2017!

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The team is coming together! #LudiLin is morphing into the #BlackRanger in 2017 for the @PowerRangersMovie.

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Welcome #RJCyler to the team as the #BlueRanger in the upcoming @PowerRangersMovie!

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There was a rumor over the weekend after the official cast was announced that the characters names would not be that of the original team. However, the official Power Rangers Twitter account, owned by Saban, did confirm that they will have the names of the original team members.

In other words, Naomi Scott will be Kimberly, Dacre Montgomery will be Jason, Ludi Lin will be Zack, RJ Cyler will be Billy, and Becky Gomez will be Trini. The film is expected to bring the evil character of Rita Repulsa back, with rumors of perhaps an established name taking the role, but that’s currently a speculation.

In any case, Saban’s Power Rangers is scheduled to hit the big screen on January 13, 2017 from Lionsgate Films.


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