LOS ANGELES, October 27, 2015 – Actress, Director and Producer Juliet Landau (BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, ANGEL and Tim Burton’s ED WOOD) is creating the ultimate vampire insider documentary. The film is a “first of its kind” in many ways. It gathers the Who’s Who of the genre, never seen before together in one movie. It also provides a rare perspective. Ever wonder what the undead talk about? Juliet will show you with intimate, revealing interviews with some of the greatest artists of our time.

The project has grown so vast that Juliet has decided to go to Indiegogo to bring the project to un-life. People can become partners in making the project happen by contributing to A PLACE AMONG THE UNDEAD on Indiegogo here: http://igg.me/at/theundead

“I am beyond exited about this project. It had been percolating for years,” said Juliet Landau. “My husband, Deverill and I were self-funding, but the project has grown beyond our wildest expectations! We have so many more incredible people who want to be interviewed! The response from the fans has been fantastic! I am dying to make the film that they want to see!”

“A PLACE AMONG THE UNDEAD is an innovative focus on people’s fascination with vampires today,” said famed author Anne Rice.

The movie transcends the traditional idea of a documentary. It is a tapestry with beautiful, interlinking narrative films inspired by the conversations. They are set in New Orleans, London and various locales, covering everything from the catacombs of Transylvania to the lovelorn halls of High School.

Leaving no tombstone unturned, this vampire tapestry weaves together a passionate, avid, active and varied Superfan base.

Already in the can (or should we say coffin!) are interviews with:

Tim Burton (DARK SHADOWS, NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS, ED WOOD), Joss Whedon (BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, THE AVENGERS), Gary Oldman (DRACULA, HARRY POTTER franchise, DARK KNIGHT franchise), Willem Dafoe (SHADOW OF THE VAMPIRE), Anne Rice (INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE), Robert Patrick (WALK THE LINE, TERMINATOR 2, FROM DUSK TILL DAWN tv series), Charlaine Harris, (author of the books TRUE BLOOD is based on), Kevin Grevioux (creator of the UNDERWORLD franchise), Stephen Woolley (producer of INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE and BYZANTIUM), David Greenwalt (co-creator of ANGEL and GRIMM), Jim Kouf (consulting producer ANGEL, co-creator GRIMM, writer NATIONAL TREASURE films), Cole Haddon, (creator of NBC’s DRACULA), Tom Holland (creator of the FRIGHT NIGHT franchise), Mariana Klaveno (TRUE BLOOD), Steve Niles (creator of 30 DAYS OF NIGHT), E. Elias Merhige (director of SHADOW OF THE VAMPIRE), David J (BAUHAUS), Madeline Smith (Hammer’s TASTE THE BLOOD OF DRACULA, THE VAMPIRE LOVERS), Kim Newman (The ANNO DRACULA series) and Caroline Munro (Hammer’s DRACULA AD 1972, CAPTAIN KRONOS – VAMPIRE HUNTER.)

Fans that contribute to the campaign will have access to exciting and limited edition perks such as Gary Oldman and Deverill Weekes’ photographic UNDEAD odyssey! The book features one of a kind, exclusive, tintype photography taken by Gary on his camera from 1853! These special tintypes portraits include UNDEADees: Joss Whedon, Robert Patrick, Juliet and others. Additional perks include BUFFY comic book artist Georges Jeanty’s unique 18 X 24 poster and a “STAKE/STEAK” dinner hosted by Juliet the week following Halloween!

“I think Dracula said it best,” continues Juliet, “We are strong, each in our purpose, and we are all more strong together!”

To make film history and join the UNDEAD, contribute to the IGG campaign here: http://igg.me/at/theundead


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