Review: PRIME #3

2The superhero miniseries PRIME continues with issue 3.  Last issue concluded with the story’s protagonist Prime, being recruited to join The Symposium of Justice, a superhero team consisting of She-Warrior, The Wolf, Enigma, and their leader Samuel P. Destiny.  This issue opens with Prime telling his girlfriend about the invitation and his superpowers. She’s shocked at first and angry, but they make up and she accepts the cards that have been dealt to her.


The rest of the comic reveals the origins of She-Warrior, as well as the reason why The Symposium of Justice was founded and why they’ve recruited Prime. It turns out that the superheroes have one man to thank for their abilities and how their lives have turned out thus far: Doctor Casanova Valentine.  Will the superheroes locate and confront the mad scientist and put him out of business for good? You’ll have to read the final issue to find out!

Writer Stu Perrins continues to tell an excellent story that keeps readers intrigued.  The plot continues to be well paced and keeps the reader guessing as to how things will turn out. Artist, and inker Israel Huertas continues to do an excellent job.

PRIME is an exceptional miniseries and I encourage readers to pick up a copy.



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