Review: E.X.O. – The Legend Of Wale Williams Part One

cover-art-final-promo-21Roy Okupe’s superhero story begins with a bang! Set in the year 2025 in the fictional Lagoon City, Nigeria, the graphic novel tells the tale of a young man named Wale Williams who in order to fight the evil that plagues his city, must accept his father’s legacy and take up the mantle of the E.X.O. suit.

In the beginning, Wale is frustrated by the lack of attention that his father gives him and his younger brother. His father focuses on his work trying to create an energy source that will help the city and invigorate it, while at the same time making sure that his work doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. As Wale’s father puts all of his focus on his work, a tragedy occurs that pushes Wale even further away from his dad. When Wale returns home five years later, he struggles with his feelings about his father and unwillingly begins to become the hero that his city desperately needs.

In telling the story, Okupe does an excellent job writing a well paced script and well developed, complex characters.  The science behind the E.X.O. suit is explained in a way that those who are not scientists can understand, while the artwork is fantastic and filled with vibrant colors.  Okupe shows us an Afro-futuristic storyline that keeps readers intrigued and invested in the characters.

E.X.O.-The Legend of Wale Williams is a an excellent example of diverse storytelling. It is a must read and a great addition to bookshelves everywhere.

Purchase the graphic novel here.




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