Music Release: Island Boy Album by CSOIM

photo from
photo from
CSOIM (Charcoal Sketches of an Invisible Man) is working on his new album Island Boy.  He describes this EP (extended play)  as his ” most personal and perhaps, even the most necessary.”
 He went on to say the following:
Boy Island, an album exploring all of my thoughts and anxieties, will be released as a bonus EP with my upcoming release humanbeyondrepair vol 2. As I am growing up, I realize that it means that you cannot be lazy with anything, from making music to doing work to school to anything. We all want to reach as wide of the masses as we can on our own terms, but the reality of it is that it takes hard work and complete focus to get there. And if by chance you don’t reach it, you can’t blame anyone but yourself. Either you have gotten lazy, your work isn’t all that good, you didn’t adhere to all of the rules to doing it,… Since this is something you want, if you don’t get it, perhaps, it helps to find a different way to get it.

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