Who wants to play ‘Captain Marvel’?

One of Marvel’s upcoming superhero films is going to be Captain Marvel, which has confirmed will be that of Carol Danvers, the one time Ms. Marvel. While the script is currently being written by Meg LaFauve and Nicole Perlman, the questions that arise are “Who will direct the film?” and “Who will play Captain Marvel?”

While the first question is still up in the air, a rumored name as a contender for the role of Danvers/Captain Marvel is Emily Blunt of The Devil Wears Prada amongst others. However, during a recent Reddit AMA chat, one person was asked what superhero she would like to play and this particular person said she would like to play Captain Marvel. Who is this person?

Yes, folks. Current UFC women’s title holder Ronda Rousey said she would love to play Captain Marvel. This would be great casting in my opinion. She has honed her acting chops in The Expendables 3Furious 7, and is set to team up with Mark Wahlberg and Iko Uwais in Mile 22. Plus, let’s face it. She can kick some serious butt. Her last two fights consisted of a 14-second and a 34-second knockout.

Do you think Ronda Rousey would make a good Captain Marvel?


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