Hawkman joins the CW’s DC Universe

We all know that the character of Hawkgirl will be set as a major cast member of the DC spin-off series Legends of Tomorrow for the CW. The major news comes today that Hawkman will appear on the upcoming season’s Flash/Arrow crossover episode before he will officially join the new spin-off series. Who has been cast as the role of the winged superhero?

Falk Henstchel (White House DownStreetdance 2, and Crackle’s original motion picture Extraction) has been cast as Carter Hall, who is the latest incarnation of an Egyptian prince who can be reincarnated with his long lost love, who in this lifetime is Kendra Saunders, played by Ciana Renee. Using the power of Horus, Carter becomes Hawkman.

Legends of Tomorrow premieres in January on the CW. Look for Hawkman’s debut on the Flash/Arrow crossover episode during mid-season.


One thought on “Hawkman joins the CW’s DC Universe

  1. Very cool! Did you watch Smallville? There was a Hawkman story arc there too. I loved the chemistry between him and The Green Arrow. Even though this is a different show and different actors, I hope the chemistry will be just as awesome here.


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